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The Way Overland


Overlanding with Jolie and Mark of Australia

After being introduced to Mark and Jolie from one of our listeners, we were delighted to arrange an interview with this Australian couple as they prepared for a month long hike in Nepal.

Jolie and Mark are on a three year overlanding trip from Australia to London in their 2006 Toyota Troopcarrier. After a twelve month buildout, they departed their home in Australia in July of 2017, and headed North. Their YouTube series is inspiring to watch, as they document their amazing overlanding journey. Be sure to subscribe to their channel, as they travel through areas some of use might have reservations about. Showing the world, just how friendly and beautiful each destination is along their Australia to London route.

Overlanding Podcast - Show Notes

Website: thewayoverland.com

Instagram: instagram.com/thewayoverland

Facebook: facebook.com/thewayoverland

YouTube: youtube.com/thewayoverland

Vehicle: 2006 Toyota Troopcarrier HDJ78R “Troop Dogg”

Fuel Capacity: 180 liters (47.55 gallons) 1200 km (745.65 miles @15.6 mpg)

Water Capacity: 65 liters (17.17 gallons)

Shower: Solar Shower - ocean, river or local facilities as available

Solar: 180 watt panel (removable) InterVOLT battery manager 

Refrigerator: 80 liter Engel (fridge / freezer)

Stove: Coleman Dual Fuel 2 burner & a Single burner

  • Favorite Places: Australian Outback - Atauro Island - NE India 
  • Top Pieces of Gear: Roof conversion with Alu-Cab
  • Best Recovery Gear: Winch, Maxtrax & Shovel
  • Favorite Recipes: Curry 

Overlanding w/ The Way Overland

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GHT Overland Podcast - Video Format

YouTube version of the podcast. Enjoy a fall drive through the historic Columbia River Gorge on Washington HWY 14. Following the Columbia River as we drive past Beacon Rock, Hamilton Mt. (a favorite hike of Chris and Lisa) Dog Mt. and Bonneville Dam.