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Nikos and Georgia of Greece

Departing from Greece in April of 2012, Nikos and Georgia have been overlanding the world, or as they will tell you “Travel-Living” full time. They’ve crossed over fifty  countries from Europe, Africa and the Americas, they’ve driven a staggering 137,387 km. (85,368 mi.) with a goal to put as many pins in the world map and visit as many places as possible. No question, they accomplished exceptional things, met new people and Lived the Adventure; Wow!

A few key points about Nikos and Georgia that were not lost on us; this was an overlanding trip for them, an adventure to explore and enjoy life. Living on the road, experiencing the diversity of cultures in the truest sense! No Instagram, no Facebook (that’s rare) and they did the most important thing; they documented! They learned with open minds and they absorbed. The books they’ve written are the  manifestation of their experiences and learnings. You will be rewarded deapy by obtaining these books! TRAVELIVING, TRAVELEATING and 69 FAQ Before Going Overland (free download!)

This is a great two part episode as we learn why they started their overlanding trip in a Suzuki Grand Vitara 4X4, sold it and moved into a Toyota Hiace (small cargo van). We learn about financing, working as overlanders; along with all the details, challenges and discoveries of a long-term overland trip.

GHT Overland Podcast - Show Notes

Website: thepinproject.eu

     * TravelEating by Georgia: traveleatingbygeorgia.com

     * Instagram: instagram.com/traveleatingbygeorgia


  1. 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0TD
  2. Toyota HiAce 2.5 D4D

Fuel Capacity: 

  1. Suzuki 70 lt. (18 ½ gl.) going 950 km. (590 mi.)
  2. Toyota 75 lt. (19.8 gl.) going 950 km. (590 mi.)

Water Capacity:

  1. 20 lt. (5.28 gl.) for drinking
  2. 15 lt. (3.96 gl.) for washing

Water Filtration: Katadyn

Solar / Electrical: Suzuki used 80 Watt panel / Toyota 3 panels with 210 Watts with 100 ah. Gel battery.

Refrigerator: 42 lt. IndelB 

Clothes Washing: Hand washing or laundromats as available. 

Top Pieces of Gear: Olive Oil reserves (best answer ever!)

Favorite Locations: The people of Canada, Mexico, Brazil and all of Africa

Favorite Overlanding Recipes: 

  1. In Mexico; “Beans with Sausages” black beans, tomato, cheese, garlic, onion with sour cream.
  2. Typical summer dish in Greece; “Kayanas” tomatoes, Feta Cheese, eggs and olive oil with lots of bread.

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