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TEAM HUNT - Adventure is Therapy

GHT Overland Podcast overlanding interview with TEAM HUNT

The Hollis family is Team Hunt Adventure

Talking with Mike and Ellen Hollis you’re immediately aware of the passion and love they have for their son Hunt; as all parents do for their children however there’s something very humbling you will learn. At their most joyous moment of welcoming their son into their loving family, something was not right. Eventually they were told Hunt may not walk, and within a year of testing the doctors diagnose Hunt with mitochondrial disease. A chronic genetic disorder that’s  associated with slow growth and developmental delays. Mike and Ellen explain to us how Hunt’s GI system is affected and although it took lots of physical therapy, braces on his legs, a walker, and special shoes, Hunt is now a very active 9 year old boy who walks, runs and loves hiking!

In this two part episode with the Hollis family you will hear a family with true “GHT” as we call it. With Gratitude towards every moment they spend as a family, to everyone who’s supported them, and especially to those who are kind towards others without judgment. Humble is saying it lightly from a family that remains laser focused on their son, however has raised nearly $500,000 to support other families facing similar challenges. Mike even did a Triathlon with a thirty year old man with mitochondrial disease, pulling him in a raft for the swim section, pulling him in a trailer during the bike sections that then doubled as the same trailer Mike pushed him in for the final running portion. There’s no question the Hollis family has Tenacity in tackling life in a positive way regardless of the challenges they face.

We met Mike, Ellen and Hunt in a Safeway parking lot after the NW Overland Rally. Now you are about to enjoy learning about their story and how Overland Adventure is their best therapy for challenges beyond what most of us face. So, if Overlanding is therapy for Hollis family, Overland Adventure; or as Hunt would say, Jeep Crawling is surely great for everyone else!

Adventure Awaits - Be Kind, Be Present and Do Good Things

GHT Overland Travel Podcast - Notes from the Interview

Team Hunt Adventure Jeep Spec's

Vehicle: 2013 Jeep Wrangler “Cap’n”

Fuel Capacity: factory 18.6 gallon tank

Spare Fuel: AEV 10.2 gallon Fuel Caddy

Water Capacity: 5 gallon capacity in the rear AEV bumper with upto an additional 10 gallons with an auxiliary tank on the roof.

Shower: Nemo Helio portable pressure shower and “Goodwipes

Solar: 150 watt tri fold OverlandSolar panel

Refrigerator: 50 litre National Luna

Recovery Gear: Maxtrax and a Warn Winch

Top Pieces of Gear: Dual Battery System & Refrigerator

Removed Gear: Inflatable YoloBoard (paddle board) - clothes, extra kitchen items, along with added recreational gear. Opting for gear to document their adventures, over gear related to comfort.

Favorite Overlanding Recipes

Epiphany! Anything taste good in the woods. This has been a valuable discovery process for Hunt’s diet. Hunts Favorites consist of Peanut Butter, bread, Mac n Cheese and bananas.

Extra for Families with Kids

Junior Ranger Program 

Keep your overlanding sanity with car games, stories, music-kids bop, movies, books, keep a schedule, provide kids with specific chores around camp.

Provide them with a specific amount of space for extra toys.

Overlanding Adventure w/ TEAM HUNT

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