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Overlanding SOS w/ SPOT

GHT Overland & SPOT overlanding SOS

Satellite Messaging & Tracking for Overlanding

Providing the adventure traveler the ability to communicate to loved ones at home, or having the safety-net of being able to call for help when everything has gone wrong is priceless. The SPOT X or SPOT GEN3 are two perfect solutions for this. If you simply need to track a vehicle or.... their TRACE device can give you that peace of mind of knowing exactly where your equipment is.

This is a great overlanding educational episode with Brian Dallas, the Pacific Northwest regional sales manager for SPOT. Brian helps us better understand what the benefits of a SPOT are, the differences between their new SPOT X, the GEN3 and the TRACE. We also review the costs, insurance options and coverage areas. There’s a lot of really great information packed into this episode, another great episode you’ll want to pass onto your friends.

Read this firsthand account of a SPOT X saving a mans life.

Overlander - SPOT Product Overview


2-Way Satellite Messenger

SPOT X provides 2-way satellite messaging so you can exchange messages with any cell phone number or email address from virtually anywhere in the world. Stay connected to family, friends and colleagues whenever you’re outside of cellular range including direct 2-way communication with Search & Rescue services in case of an emergency. 


Satellite GPS Messenger

SPOT Gen3 provides location-based messaging and emergency notification technology that allows you to communicate from remote locations around the globe. It offers custom tracking interval options, motion-activated tracking, long-life battery and more.


Track Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

SPOT Trace tracks your most valuable assets virtually anywhere in the world, using your phone or computer. Affordable and easy to use, it's a no-brainer for your truck, trailer, motorcycles and other valuables.

Overland Podcast Notes w/ SPOT

Website: www.findmespot.com

Brian Dallas - Regional Sales Manager

Battery Life SPOT X: 48 hrs to 10-12 day (depending on use)

Coverage Map: Click Here

Cost Breakdown - 

  • SPOT X $249.99
    monthly service starts at $14.95 w/ $24.99 annual fee
    annual service starts at $143.40 w/ $19.99 one time annual fee
  • GEN3 $149.99 annual service $199.99 (monthly breakdown approx $16.67)
  • TRACE $99.99 annual service $149.99

GEOS provides emergency rescue coordination and SPOT SOS/911 monitoring through the dedicated International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

Cost Breakdown - 

  • SPOT X $24.99 a year
  • GEN3 $17.95 a year

Side Note: Globalstar Sat-Fi2 $499 Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

No matter how far off the grid you go for work or pleasure, Sat-Fi2 keeps you connected when cellular service is unavailable. Sat-Fi2 app is required for use; continue managing your business with the ability to email, text, talk, post to social, access the web, check the weather, and share photos and files. With S.O.S. capabilities, you can communicate directly with GEOS. Connecting up to 8 personal smart devices. Speeds up to 72 kbps.  Service Cost starts at $480 yr. with 60 MB and $5 per additional MB More Info Here

Overlanding Knowledge w/ SPOT

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