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Running From Monday - Overlanding the Pan-American Highway

KP and Taylor are “Running from Monday” two highschool sweethearts traveling the world together. Oddly enough KP had told Taylor several years ago they should drive to Argentina, Taylor followed that up by telling him that was the stupidest things she’d ever heard. Today Taylor has a 2nd place finish in the Rebelle Rally as the navigator in the first ever Rebelle, she’s a champion for women overlanders, helping start Women Overlanding the World, while KP is well known for his mechanic skills within the overlanding community along with taking flying lessons as he works on his pilot's license.

As with many overland couples, KP and Taylor have such an inspiring story with (in our humble opinions anyway) such a solid handle on life and what’s important. They have now been through 15 countries overlanding, exploring and of course meeting new friends. Taylor, along with Sunny and Karin with the Vagabroads launched Women Overlanding the World (all interested women need to check this out!) Starting in May of 2019 they will be running Guided 10-Day Women-only Overland Trips in Costa Rica. These trips will be geared toward women who want a taste of overlanding, without the commitment of quitting their jobs, selling houses, etc...

Overland Podcast - Show Notes

Website: http://runningfrommonday.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/runningfrommonday

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/runningfrommonday

Vehicle: 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Fuel Capacity : 34 gallons (129 liters) going approximately 400-340 miles (547-643 km)

Water Capacity: 20 gallons (80 liters) + 5 gallons of drinking water (if the locals drink it, they consider it drinkable)

Clothes Washing: pay a local lady or laundromat 

Shower: indoor and outdoor shower with camper (Four Wheel Camper)

Solar: 300 watts

Refrigerator: Isotherm - 85 liter 12v.

  • Top Pieces of Gear: Refrigerator (hot water mentioned as a valued item)
  • Gear Removed: Pop-up privacy shower tent (used once)
  • Favorite Places: Baja Mexico, Ecuador, Highlands of Peru 
  • Favorite Recipes: Breakfast Burritos & Butter Chicken  

Additional Reference:

Women Overlanding the World website: https://womenoverlandingtheworld.com

Women Overlanding the World facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenoverlandingtheworld

Handheld HAM Radios: BaoFeng

Mobile HAM Radio: Yaesu


Travel Amateurs (12 v. heating pad is a necessity)

Added References:

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