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Polaris Overland

Overlanding with Dave and Angela of Scotland

Dave and Angela bring so much valuable information in their two part episode! From their inspirational stories of overland travel through more countries than we could keep track of, to a story and lessons all of us should learn from with Angela requiring emergency surgery in Uzbekistan (full story).

Listen-in to both episodes as we discover what inspired overland travel for this Scotland couple, along with all their inside tips on overlanding adventure. 

The Polaris Overland website is one of the most comprehensive, informative sites we've seen. From their blog posts to trip reports... We think you will find their articles helpful in planning your overlanding trips, as much as they are inspirational. Check out the links we provide below for quick access to their stories and information.  

GHT Overland Podcast - Show Notes

Website: polaris-overland.com

Facebook: facebook.com/polaris.overland

Instagram: instagram.com/polarisoverland

Vehicle: 2001 Land Rover Defender TD5 90 "Wilson" Tomb Raider Edition

Fuel Capacity: 110 liters - 60 in main tank and a 50 liter aux tank with a range of about 500 miles.

Water Capacity: 50 liters with a Nature Pure filter - 10/15 liter jug for extra

Solar: Two 120 watt rigged Monocrystallineels by SunPower. Using a Victron MPPT controller and two 68 ah auxiliary batteries. 

Recovery Gear: MaxTrax - Winch - Shovel - Straps

Refrigerator: Webasto 60 liter with a small freezer section

Clothes Washing: Plastic jug with lid

Favorite Overlanding Recipes: Barbecue & Chilies in general, no exact favorite.

Top Pieces of Gear: Refrigerator & Hardshell Rooftop Tent

Favorite Locations: Namibia - Petra, Jordan - Mongolia - Morocco

Polaris Overland Blog page (amazing information and stories!)

Polaris Overland Trip Reports

Polaris Overland Resource Collection - go to bottom of page for a collection of helpful links Dave and Angela have put together.

Travel Insurance used by Polaris Overland: World Nomads Insurance 


Overlanding w/ Polaris Overland Part 1

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Overlanding w/ Polaris Overland Part 2