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Ox Overland on Overlanding the Oregon Trail


Jason and Chris outline all the details and lessons learned on their expedition of the Oregon Trail

Listen in as Jason and Chris with OX Overland detail out their epic adventure that started with a desire to explore; an idea born from a Discovery mini series called the Yukon. After two years of planning their Oregon Trail Expedition, the team of men left from their homes in Oregon for a 5,000 mile, 44 day expedition to Independence Missouri. Learn from their lessons and experiences from re-tracing the Oregon Trail. From entertaining stories to a near dead; shale rock section of the trail. Travel along in this overland podcast episode!

Show Highlights

Guest website: https://outlawxpeditions.com

YouTube: Outlaw Xpeditions - One Lane Road

Water Capacity: 2 gallons per guy per day was the base line. Wished they had the ability to carry more. No filtration system used.

Fuel Capacity: Landcruiser 25 + 5 extra gallons / Ranger 19 + 4 extra gallons

Solar: none

Clothes Washing: In town when fueling up

A/C: none - many electronics burned up due to heat.

Top Two Pieces of Gear

  1. Leatherman
  2. Warn winch

Gear Removed (not needed)

Extra camera gear and extra clothing

Favorite Recipe (oops - least favorite)

Flat / Pita bread wraps with meat cheese and questionable mayo.

 * good example of the need for meal planning.


Jason's Secrets - Mapping Tutorial

  1. Oregon Trail Paper Maps
  2. Scribble Maps
  3. Gaia Maps


Passing on their vast knowledge and experience to others. Providing a lifetime of survival experience to the history of the Oregon Trail re-revield through their story.

Best Tip

"Stop planning and go do it"

Survival Tips by Chris - Wayward Survival!


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