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Ferenc and Evelin

Ferenc and Evelin are two overlanders from Hungary who quit their jobs at the end of 2017. Evelin worked in online marketing and Ferenc is a lawyer specialized in mutual funds. For the last four years they’ve been backpacking in Asia, while also doing a couple major overland trips before their current overlanding adventure. Last year they discovered northern Europe, and in early 2018 travelled to Africa which turned out to be a good test run for their equipment and vehicle. Based on these trips they've made modifications to their vehicle and equipment setup that we talk about in their two part episode.

Ferenc and Evelin have travelled a lot together, planning their current overland adventure in mid-2017. Ferenc did a previous overland trip from from London to Mongolia in 2014 having to sell the car he was using in Tajikistan (unfortunately, a story we did not get into. So be sure to follow @overlandsite to find out more) Their current adventure was inspired by those past experiences, along with a lot of reading and watching loads of youtube videos on overlanding.


Their insights on leaving the 9-5 world, is that it opens up your perspective, your view on the world and makes you realise that there’s more to life than just the day-to-day routine. Overlanding makes you more capable of reaching places where it would be more difficult or even impossible to get in a conventional way as most tourist travel.

Overlanding Podcast - Show Notes

Website: https://overlandsite.com

Instagram: instagram.com/overlandsite

Facebook: facebook.com/overlandsite

YouTube: youtube.com/overlandsite

Vehicle: 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser / Prado

Fuel Capacity: 87 liters (23 gl.) + 20 liters (5.3 gl) Jerry Can Diesel with 600 km / 371 mile range

Water Capacity: One 15 liter + one 10 liter containers

Shower:  Solar Shower + 12 volt immersible pump

Electrical:  Two car batteries + an ArkPak Pack 730 (not 720 as mentioned)

Refrigerator: Engel 43 liter

Stove: Primus two burner gas stove and a one burner backpacker stove

  • Favorite Places:  Mongolia, Morocco and Georgia
  • Top Pieces of Gear: Drawer system for organization
  • Recovery Gear: Traction mats, Air Compressor, Kinetic Rope and Shovel

Extra Notes: 

China Tour Guide - www.adventuretourchina.com

GPS receiver - BadElf

Free Tracking App - Polarsteps

Overlanding w/ Overlandsite

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