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Overlanding Gear Guide

For the Overlander and Adventure Traveler

We feel obligated to add a potentially contradictory note; to enjoy overlanding, gear is not your make or break. Yes, you must have a few basics, like clothes and a means of travel. No, you don’t need to stay home until every gadget is obtained. Get the basics, only get the best overland gear, and go!

Happy to help; if you have questions or want more insight, just ask. Not only are the following items from experienced overlanders we’ve interviewed, many of these items are recommended based on our experience as outdoorsmen for over 30 years, along with Chris’s 15 years in search and rescue. These are solid recommendations, and a reason we are not recommending cheap knock offs (they will break at the most inopportune time!). 

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* use something like Carbon Copy Cloner to keep a "carbon copy" of any drives and computer files with your memories. 


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