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Overland The Americas


Ernesto and Taisa

Staying laser focused on their dreams of living an untethered lifestyle, Ernesto and Taisa planned and saved for their multi year, multi country overland trip for two years. Leaving what most of us consider "dream jobs" in Seattle Washington on July 18, 2015.

Tune into their three part episode to hear their stories of adventure along with SO many tips and lessons learned along the way. Ernesto and Taisa are like all of the guests featured on the GHT Overland Podcast; extremely friendly, very fun to talk with and so gracious with their time. Sharing their stories and experiences from Overlanding The Americas over the last two and half years. They provide border crossing tips, gear insights, along with a bit of a reality check when you embark on a multi year overlanding trip. Life happens and you can't be right there to hug a loved one, or to celebrate special life moments. A prospective we've not heard before on the podcast, however one that we greatly appreciate and have taken to heart.

Overland Podcast Show Notes

Website: https://overlandtheamericas.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/overlandtheamericas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OverlandTheAmericas

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OvrlandAmericas

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/OverlandAmerica

Vehicle: 2012 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition

Fuel Capacity: 23 gallons (87.1 litres) range of 250 - 350 miles Plus two spare 4 gallon Rotopax

More vehicle info: overlandtheamericas.com/vehicle-specs


Water Capacity: 22 gallons (83.3 litres)  

Washing: Laundromat and handwashing

Shower: Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Solar: 90 watts from Overland Solar / note this has not been adequate, look into having 120 - 200 watts 

Batteries: uses 3 batteries 

Heater: 12 v. Electric Mattress Pad for roof top tent

Top Pieces of Gear: Pack of hard drives and MSR Compact Reactor stove

Gear Removed (not needed) Scuba gear

More details on gear: overlandtheamericas.com/our-gear

Favorite Places: Peru - Huascarán National Park Mt. Pisco and Guatemala

Link to travel guides: overlandtheamericas.com/travel-guides

Heated Mattress Pad: electrowarmth.com

Favorite Recipes: Red Cabbage Slaw; red cabbage, lime, cilantro, avocado, olive oil, salt, pepper and mix. Great to add to several dishes like tacos, rice and bean, fajitas… 

Navigation: iOverlander, MapsMe, Google Maps and Garmin GPS

Communication: Cell phone family plan with T-Mobile and a Garmin inReach

Best Tip: Have your finances in order and go, be patient and everything will fall into place.

Overland The Americas

Overlanding The Americas Part 1

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Overlanding The Americas Part 2

Overlanding The Americas Part 3