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Overlanding a School Bus from Utah to Chile

GHT Overland Podcast with Brandon of On The Bus Podcast

Brandon w/ On The Bus Podcast

After living boldly through college and professional basketball, Brandon wanted to travel the world while sharing unique stories and the adventures he experienced with a global community. On the Bus Podcast was developed as a means to sit down with unique and successful people outside the status quo… the early adopters, outliers, and fascinating creatives, and to share their stories, worldview and insight. He and his team love the skoolie and overland community because they are people who embrace the hurdles and never ever look at the cup as half full, it's only full.

On The Bus Podcast is a medium to interview, converse, and share stories with other young adults living out their dreams. Brandon Reese and Daniel Blum find people who have unique career paths, that are successful and filled with insight, to sit down and share conversations with them on the bus. They believe that collaboration and relationships are drivers for innovation and happiness, so they drove a school bus from Utah, down through South America to Chile. After spending 10 months and 10,000 treacherous miles... traveling across 6 countries, enduring breakdowns and stuck tires, all while dealing with a bevy of parasites, diseases, broken laptops, and hospital visits, their passion became sharing their story, and the stories of the people they met along the way. 

Learn more about On The Bus Podcast and the mission of Brandon and his team at http://bit.ly/1BusDreamLife

Overlanding w/ On The Bus Podcast Part 1 & 2

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