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Bob Wohlers & Off-Road Safety Academy

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Tackling Overland Knowledge & Safety

Setting up our tent at the NW Overland Rally, we were welcomed with a friendly smile and a warm handshake as Bob introduced himself. We watched from our booth at any free moment to see Bob leading his clinics over the weekend; nothing short of inspiring! Teaching and coaching with passion, Bob was in his zone. Agreeing to an interview, Bob graciously invited us into his Four Wheel Pop-up Camper to escape the wind and sounds of a Saturday night overland rally.

Bob is the owner of Off-Road Safety Academy with a vast knowledge and experience in teaching. He has taught corporate and government off-road courses, has conducted off-road safety training for T-Mobile, Verizon and Motive Energy with employees needing to safely do their work off-road in remote locations. Bob is also a registered government contractor and teaches courses for the National Park System and the BLM. These courses include Park Rangers, Biologists, Geologists, and Maintenance personnel. If the Federal Government, T-Mobile and Verizon trust Bob to teach their employees how to safely and ecologically do their jobs off-road, so can you!

You will find Bob as a trainer at Overland and Off-Road gatherings, including Overland Expo, Lone Star Toyota Jamboree, BC Overland Rally, NW Overland Rally and the Big Sky Overland Rally.

We strongly encourage you to pick-up Bobs books at an Overland Rally or faster yet, go directly to his website discoveroffroading.com there you will find a wealth of information, including his books and courses. Remember to sign up for Bob's free Off-Road and Overland Adventure Newsletter. Vehicle-supported training tips, equipment Bob believes in, upcoming trips and courses. The content in Bob's newsletters is information you won't find anywhere else.

Overlanding Safety & Knowledge w/ Bob Wohlers

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