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NW Overland Rally 2018

GHT Overland Podcast at the NW Overland Rally

NW Overland Rally in Plain, WA. USA

If you've not heard, overlanding is growing with significant popularity. Why? Well in our opinion; simple. Adventure, the outdoors, travel and meeting the most warm hearted people around the globe is everything the sole is yearning for. We attended the NW Overland Rally and could not have been more grateful, humbled and flat out felt welcomed. From the  few "celebrities" (absolutely normal awesome people) who blew the doors open on the concept of overlanding, to amazing people with either zero, or several years of experience. We found all of them open to chat with us with warm smiles, open hearts and willing to share their stories on the GHT Overland Podcast.

This episode is a re-cap of our experience at the rally, with about a 20 min. reel of the attending vendors telling you who they are and what they offer. Interestingly we heard an attendee ask Clay from XOverland if he felt the industry was becoming too commercialized. You may or may not feel one way or another, we see that as a personal opinion. Some will say yes, and corporate sponsorships or involvement is not welcome. We say, cool. Keep it simple and go have an amazing time. Our take is that we appreciate and enjoy the innovations, comfort, and gear that make our adventures fun, relaxed and documented. At the end of the day the Vagabroads said it best; You do you :) 


Show Notes & Links

The following are the names and links in alphabetical order for the vendors attending the rally. We hope you enjoy their 30 second (+/-) personal introductions to you.

NOTE: vendors in bold are Rock Stars doing Good in the world. 

10/40 Overland - Four Wheel Campers

Adventure Driven

Adventure Ready

Adventure Wagon

American Overland Adventures


AT Overland

Autel Robotics

Badland Bumpers

Benchmark Vehicles

Bomber Products


Cascadia 4x4

CBI Off Road

Club Ride Apparel

Combat Flip Flops

ComeUp USA

Conqueror North America

CVT Tents

Defenders NW

Diesel Outfitters

Dragonfly Tarps

Drink Tanks


Epic Exposure

Equipt Expedition Outfitters


Expedition Essentials

Expedition Overland

Exploration Outfitters


Factor 55

FieldCraft Survival


FreeSpirit Recreation

GHT Overland Podcast

Go Fast Campers

Gold Dog Tents

Goose Gear


Industrial Revolution

Just Differentials

KC HiLites

Kestrel Vans

LandCruiser NW

Last US Bag Co



McLean Metalworks

Mercedes Benz Seattle

Metal-Tech 4x4

Mike's Custom Toys

MULE Expedition Outfitters



Nomad Vanz

Northwest Overland Society

Off-Road Safety Academy

Old Mill Café

Oregon Trail'R

Outbound Rigs Adventure Rentals

Overkill Campers

Overland Access

Overland Kitchen

Overland Solar


Rainburst (Simple Shower)

Rampage Products

Ratus Systems

Rebelle Rally

Rescue Tape

Revtech Suspension

Rigid Gear

RIPP Superchargers


RPM / Goody's Rack Shop

Safe Jack


Schutt Industries / XVENTURE TRAILERS

Selway Fabrication


Stepp 22 Gear

Tailgater Tire Table

Team Overland

Tembo Tusk

Tepui Tents


Total Composites

ToyTec Lifts

Vagabond Outdoors

Van Compass


Veteran Overland

Vision X Lighting

VMI Off Road

Wanderlust Overland



Women Overlanding the World

Yukon Gear & Axle

GHT Overland Podcast at the NW Overland Rally

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