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Global Travel of 65 Countries - from the Netherlands

GHT Overland Podcast Mischa ten Hoopa

Mischa walks us through the insights and details of global adventure travel.

Learn from the vast experiences of Mischa and his wife Daniele, as global travel overlanders for five years. Some of the best advise any overlander could hope to receive. Mischa tells stories of border crossings, the realities of safe travel tips, to doing good in the world (don't miss this overland podcast!).

This is a two part episode packed with valuable information and entertaining stories. See Episodes Below

Show Highlights

Guest website: http://www.tenhoope.net

Vehicle: 1987 Mercedes Benz 16 ton 4X4

Water Capacity: 500 liters / 132 gallons

Fuel Capacity: 800 liters / 211 gallons

Solar: 1 Panel at 185 watts 24 volts

Batteries: 230 amp hrs x2 with 500 watt inverter.

Heater: Webasto diesel heater  

Clothes Washing: Laundry Drum

Top Two Pieces of Gear

Coleman portable Fold-up Oven


Gear Removed (not needed)

Generator (donated in Uganda)

Favorite Recipe

Sateh - Indonesian dish of chicken skewers with peanut sauce.


Laptop with Garmin software

OsmAnd http://www.osmand.net

MAPS.ME http://maps.me


Tip: support small local initiatives. Help with funding for books, teachers, vaccinations, lunch money. Not building schools or hospitals.

Supported vaccination efforts for a school in Malawi

Donation of generator in Uganda

Best Tip - Don't over plan, just go for it!

Stay away from national parks in Africa and Asia. They do little to support the local people and the wildlife is also outside the parks. Find a village just outside the parks and enjoy it from a different perspective.

Overlanding w/ Mischa ten Hoope Part 1 & 2

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Overlanding and Adventure Travel while doing Good along the way