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Puddles & Matilda go Overlanding


18 Month Overland Adventure from the UK to Mongolia

Three friends and two overland trucks; Gary, Tina and Matt, all from  South of England worked together for a satellite company. After dreaming and talking about world travel and overlanding for the last 18 years, they have finally set off. In the beginning of 2015 the three friends finally had enough, there had to be more to life than working in an office. It was time put plans into action and start living. Escaping the menonity of the 9-5, sitting in traffic and paying bills. Initially they talked about getting a yacht and sailing around the world. Then in July of 2015 after a trip to India they decided to go overland instead.

Two years after the arrival of their two 10 ton British Army Layland D.A.F. trucks, they have finally departed the UK, heading East to Mongolia! They expect to be on the road for 18 months before heading back to the UK to visit family and friends, service their trucks and head for Africa for a two year overland trip.

Overland Podcast Show Notes

Website: www.just-escape.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/_just_escape.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Just-Escapecom

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Just_escape_com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/just-escape

Vehicle: Layland DAF 

Fuel Capacity : 400 liters / 106 gallons providing approximate range of 1,840 miles

Water Capacity - Puddles: 425 liters / 112 gallons with a four stage water purification system

Water Capacity - Matilda: 375 liters / 99.1 gallons with a four stage water purification system

Washing: On board washing machine in both trucks

Shower: On board shower and toilet on both trucks

Solar: Victron EasySolar system @ 760 watts per truck

Heater: 2 diesel heaters along with the truck engines pumping hot water. Complemented with a Webasto Air Top diesel air heater

Refrigerator Matilda: Marine grade fridge freezer

Refrigerator Puddles: uses a domestic freezer with a thermostat modification to run at refrigerator temps

Stove / Cooktop: standard domestic gas cooktop from Ikea

Top Pieces of Gear: Garmin inReach Explorer

Gear Removed: Kayaks, Diving and Climbing gear

Favorite Travel Destinations: Gobi in Mongolia and Eastern Russia, meeting new people and experiencing the remote wilderness.

Favorite Recipes: looking forward to local fresh produce plus base spices they carry 

Navigation: MapsMe and paper maps

Communication: CB Radio, Cell phone and a Garmin inReach

Best Tips: Go to the Adventure Overland Show (UK). If you will be taking the Silk route in Central Asia visit https://caravanistan.com/ 

Mongolian / Altai Republic Border Update

Vehicle Import Limitations

As off 26 July 2018 you are not allowed to temporarily import more than one vehicle in your name. For example. If you have an overland truck carrying a motorcycle, both registered in your name you will not be allowed to import both. It's possible if you had a passenger you may get away with it, but to be safe have the motorcycle registered to your passengers name if possible. As I travel alone this was not possible. The only way around it is to pay a tax, which you will get back when leaving the customs union. Doing this took me 4 days and cost me £900. £800 on the tax and £100 on fees and in the 200km of diesel I burnt trying to sort it out. Matt

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