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Jack and Kristina - JK Overland

JK Overland, GHT Overland

Overlanding in Donald; a 1996 Mitsubishi Shogun


Jack and Kristina are from England, currently overlanding in Portugal on their Iberian trip. Finding a love for exploring and overland travel in their Jeep Cherokee in 2013. As with a lot of things, it all started from something very simple; a camping trip adventure .


Listen in as this young vibrant couple from England tell us about their love for nature, along with all their little tips and lessons learned as they have traveled in Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Scotland and even a trip in Thailand. They tell us they're "new" to overlanding, however their past trips, experience and pure love for traveling and making new friends is both refreshing and inspiring!


To top off their wonderful stories and  experience, it was heartwarming to learn how they're picking up trash and plastics on remote beaches, doing their part, as we all should. Simply doing the right thing, leaving a place visited better than we found it. 

Podcast Episode Highlights

Guest website: https://jkoverland.com/

YouTube: JKoverland

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jkoverland/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jkoverland/

Vehicle: 1996 diesel Mitsubishi Shogun

Water Capacity: 40 liters (10.57 gallons) of fresh water.

Fuel Capacity: 80 liters (21+ gallons) with a spare 20 liters (5.28 gallons) for a total of 100 liters (26.42 gallons)

Solar: N/A

Batteries: One 85 ah house battery

Heater: N/A

Clothes Washing: Laundromats

Fridge: Waeco / Dometic

Top Two Pieces of Gear

Cafetière / Italian style stove top espresso maker

Gear Removed (not needed)

Kelly Kettle & BBQ (barbie)

Favorite Recipes

Chicken Chorizo Risotto
Recipe: chopped tomato, red pepper, yellow pepper, risotto rice, chicken stock, chorizo, chicken with optional spinach

Favorite Places:

Wales, the Pyrenees Mountains and Portugal


Google Maps www.google.com/maps 

wikiloc – www.wikiloc.com


Cleaning up beaches, doing their part in collecting plastics and garbage on remote beaches.

Best Tip

Be present, not getting bogged down in the details and planning. Just do it, start small gradually building on that. 

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