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Overlanding with the Jeepsies

Eric, Brittany and Caspian of Jeepsies on the GHT Overland Podcast

Eric and Brittany / @jeepsies

Eric and Brittany Highland are in their sixth year of full-time travel. They own no house or land, they are full time travelers overlanding in their Jeep “Guardian” and a smaller RV called “Basecamp”. In the last two years they have done all their travels with their son Caspian (also known as #LittleNomad) visiting thirty three National Park Service units within the US. They recently returned from the interior of Mexico, overlanding with just their Jeep for seven weeks. Eric and Brittany had a significant amount of practical knowledge to share, pulling from both their overlanding experience, along with impressive knowledge and tips from their RV experience that translates directly into overlanding.

Be sure to listen to their two part episode for new tips, ideas and inspiration from a couple who has taken the actions needed to realize a life of full time travel. Overlanding with a toddler, working full time and planning for a future of overlanding the world. There is a lot to learn, and great stories to enjoy.

Be sure to check out their blog at http://jeepsies.com

and at Overland Expo West, join their session "Overlanding While Working Full-time...Is It Possible?" They'll also be featured on two panels: "Regional Q&A: Mexico & Central America" and "Overlanding With Kids Roundtable."

GHT Overland Podcast - Show Notes

Website: www.jeepsies.com

Instagram: instagram.com/jeepsies

Facebook: facebook.com/Jeepsies

Twitter: twitter.com/jeepsiesblog

Overlanding Vehicle: 2014 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited
Fuel Capacity: 22.5 gal. + 12 gal. spare tank (see link below)
Water Capacity: 6 gal.
Electrical: RV has 420 watts of solar / Jeep uses two Optima yellow top batteries with a Genesis Offroad dual battery kit
Refrigerator: ARB 50 qt.
Clothes Washing: Laundromats
Top Pieces of Overlanding Gear: iKAMPER Skycamp rooftop tent & their Garmin inReach Explorer 

Favorite Locations: Twin Lakes in Leadville, Colorado & the Mountains of Sierra Gorda Mexico

Resource List of mentioned key items / resources 

Overlanding Adventure with the Jeepsies

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