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Till & Katrin Overlanding the Americas

GHT Overland Podcast Hottahue Troopy

Hottahue Troopy Overland Travel in Central America

Till and Katrin are overlanding from Germany. Their current overland trips has taken them from Halifax Canada to Guatemala. They have been on the road now in their LandCruiser TroopCarrier for just over one and a half years, with two to three more years planned to finish traveling through Central and South America.

Overland Podcast Episode Highlights

Guest YouTube: Hottahue

Instagram: hottahue_troopy

Facebook: facebook.com/hottahue

Vehicle: 2001 Toyota Landcruiser J7

Water Capacity: 75 Liters / 20 Gallons

Fuel Capacity: 270 Liters / 80 Gallons

Solar: 100 watts 

Batteries: Second battery with 150 amps

Heater: Electric Space Heater

Clothes Washing: Paid Laundry Service

Fridge: Engel

Mattress: Specialty Swiss Made

Top Pieces of Gear

Refrigerator, Comfortable Mattress and a Heater.

Gear Removed (not needed)

Large table and Small electrics

Favorite Recipes

Cooking  soups, stew and bread in their 10" dutch oven.

Favorite Places:

Newfoundland, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Copper Canyon in Mexico


Google Maps www.google.com/maps 

Garmin software on a tablet

MAPS.ME http://maps.me

Misc: iOverlander app


Volunteering when it does not take away from local jobs. Helping stray dogs, and just being in these areas and buying local products. 

Best Tip

Just go, don't over plan or over think it. Start small and go! 

Overlanding w/ Till & Katrin of Hottahue Part 1 & 2

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