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Overlanding Africa with the Holland Africa Tour

GHT Overland Podcast & Holland Africa Tour Marco Mok

Overlander Marco Mok from Holland Africa Tour

Marco has been overlanding and exploring with the Holland Africa Tour since 2004 starting with a trip from Sudan to Ethiopia. Shortly after he followed up with an overlanding trip from Cameroon to Chad, followed by several trip in Morocco. The Holland Africa Tour (HAT) uses three M.A.N. trucks (German truck brand); a 8x8 for storage of relief goods and supplies. A 6x6 with two cabins for up to seven passengers, also used for the tours kitchen and crew member belongings. Their newest addition, a 4x4 used for spare parts and supporting equipment.

Most impressive to us is the Holland Africa Tours humanitarian efforts. From donations of cars, a piano, to ropes, shoes and soccer balls. They are always bringing smiles to the most remote villages in Africa, based completely on their experience and relationships built over many years. Knowing what people need and what will make life for them a little better. You will want to look into what they are doing and consider a tour with them to see first hand, parts of the world you’ve only imagined from documentaries on National Geographic. Do not expect catered meals and room service, expect to become part of a team changing lives, yours is sure to be forever impacted! The Gratitude from those you help, to the Humbling feeling of just how appreciative and kind people are for your Tenacity to get off the couch and doing something good for them, asking nothing in return.

See the movie (documentary) link below from the Holland Africa Tour - it is unquestionably worth your time! 

Overland Travel Podcast - Show Notes

Website: https://www.hollandafricatour.nl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hollandafricatour

Vehicles: All from the M.A.N. brand of trucks in Germany - 8x8, 6x6 and a 4x4 

Fuel Capacity :  792 gallons of spare fuel (3,000 liters)

Water Capacity: 396 gallons (1,500 liters)

Clothes Washing: Plastic drum with water, soap, then followed by a long bumpy road.

Shower: none - wet wipes 

Solar: none - lots of battery power 

Refrigerator: 2 full size refrigerators

  • Top Pieces of Gear: Camera
  • Favorite Places: N. Sudan the Sahara Pyramids, the Nile, Sunsets in the Desert. Namibia; easy to rent a 4x4 and push your limits.  
  • Favorite Recipes: Spaghetti; easy to prepare meals.

Additional Reference:

Video of all 3 truck rescuing a stuck fuel tanker!

Examples of the work the Holland Africa Tour is doing: https://www.hollandafricatour.nl/?page_id=31

Apply to join the Holland Africa Tour

HAT Packing List

Dreams in the Sand - A documentary about the Holland Africa Tour traveling Morocco.

Overlanding w/ Holland Africa Tour Part 1 & 2

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