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Overlanding with GrizzlyNbear Overland

Overlanding with GrizzlyNbear on the GHT Overland Podcast

Leigh and Steph / @grizzlynbear

After watching Leigh and Steph on their YouTube channel for several months, we had to reach out to invite them on the podcast. There are so many great stories and experiences to learn from in their two part episode.

Leigh is from Australia, while Steph is from France. They have been traveling the world; rock climbing, exploring, learning and sharing their experiences for nearly 10 years. From  experiencing new foods to meeting new friends around the world; Leigh and Steph maintain a very healthy lifestyle while living the life of full time overlanders. They have an amazing YouTube channel documenting their overlanding trips and experiences. 

Their Land Rover Defender, is a 2010 130 with a removable Four Wheel Camper body. Download both episodes to learn all the details on their overland vehicle along with the plus and minuses of their overall setup. Lot’s to learn in their two episodes, from Insurance for overlanders to Steph’s favorite meal to cook! 

GHT Overland Podcast - Show Notes

YouTube: GrizzlyNbear 

Instagram: instagram.com/grizzlynbear.overland

Facebook: facebook.com/GrizzlyNbear-1330301010423979

Vehicle: 2010 Land Rover Defender 130 TD4 with the Ford Duratorq 2.4 liter and a Four Wheel Camper; Grizzly model. 

Fuel Capacity: Main tank = 140 liters / 37 gallons 

Aux. tank holds 70 liters / 18.5 gallons averaging 13 liters per 100 kilometers / 18 mpg

Water Capacity: 80 liters / 21 gallons plus a 50 liter / 13 gallon potable only water tank. 

Filtration: as a back up system they filter through an MSR hand press, then sterilize with a SteriPEN

Electrical: 160 watt solar panel with dual batteries in their camper, along with a BOSH dual battery system in the Land Rover. Regulated by a BlueSolar charger by Victron Energy.

Refrigerator: Dometic fridge/freezer

Clothes Washing: Mostly by hand

Top Pieces of Gear: 

  • Leigh = Rock climbing equipment. 
  • Steph = Photography equipment, computer, drone, everything to produce their YouTube shows. 

Favorite Locations: Turkey

Favorite Recipe: Stephs Overlanding Feast: onion, olive oil, ground beef/meat, finely sliced cabbage, salt, pepper and cinnamon, topped with almonds. Cook fast in one pot, thank Steph from GrizzlyNbear.   

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Overlanding Adventure with Leigh and Steph of GrizzlyNbear

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