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Overlanding with Gran Viaje

Gran Viaje Overlanding with the  GHT Overland Podcast

Ben, Rachel and Mitzi

With Ben being from Switzerland and Rachel from Seattle WA. they serendipitously meet from two far corners of the world, now going by Gran Viaje on their blog. Ben and Rachel met shortly after Ben returned from a six week overlanding trip to the Baltics and Scandinavia.  Not only, did they fall for the same interests; mountains, hikes and adventures, they fell for each other.  

We caught up with Ben, Rachel and their miniature dachshund Mitzi as they made a stop in the Northern parts of Patagonia. Waiting out a few days of rain in an Airbnb. Graced with a good internet connection and a break in the rain, we discussed overlanding travel, specifics on overlanding with a dog, how they do laundry (and a lot more) while enjoying a few great stories from their two plus years of overlanding through the Americas.

Ben and Rachel maintain an impressive blog during their travels, highlighting Ben’s photography as they give specific accounts of each section of their trip. This is one of the most impressive and fun to read blogs we’ve read. If you’re still dreaming, or doing your research on the next town you’re about to go through along the Pan-American Highway, you will be rewarded richly to read through to their blog. You can also search by country if there’s a specific place you’re researching or interested in; it's very nicely organized! 

GHT Overland Podcast - Show Notes

Website: www.granviaje.ch

Instagram: instagram.com/granviaje.ch
Facebook: facebook.com/bensgranviaje

* Instagram for their dog Mitzi: instagram.com/mitzi_grams

Vehicle: Land Rover Defender 110, TD5
Fuel Capacity: 120 L. / 31.7 gal. with an approx. range of 800 - 1,000 km
Water Capacity: 35 L. / 5.28 gal. + LifeSaver Jerry Can (18.5 L.)
Water Filtration: SAFH20 UV filtration system by The CSA Group, Inc.
Electrical: IBS Dual Battery System with a generic 80W solar panel
Refrigerator: 22 qt. Engel fridge (MT27F)

Clothes Washing: Primarily laundromats (lavandería)
Kitchen Setup: Coleman Dual Fuel Stove; basic butane stove, with a folding table. Would prefer adding an awning for shade and rainy days. 

Top Pieces of Gear: Coffee maker - AeroPress and the Pop Top from Overland Technics.

Favorite Overlanding Locations:

  1. Patagonia
  2. Mexico
  3. Colombia (best coffee)
  4. Ecuador 

Favorite Overlanding Meals

Lentils; vegetable, spices, lentils and rice. Ben’s specialty is pastas. 

Added Overlanding Resources:

Overlanding Adventure with Gran Viaje!

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