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Global Rescue for Overlanding

GHT Overland Podcast with Global Rescue Dan Richards

Daniel L. Richards – CEO and Founder of Global Rescue

Dan is the CEO of Global Rescue, a company he founded in 2004. Dan also serves as the President of Crisis Services Company, in Vermont, and serves on the board of Global Wildlife Conservation, a science-based environmental conservation organization.

Overlanding with a reasonable grip on reality and safety is, and should be top of mind for everyone. A service like Global Rescue is really the partner in crime with your tenacity to tackle overland adventure. Regardless of your location, backwoods of Oregon to Zimbabwe.

We encourage you to think about your priorities, think about others, possibly your parents want to support your adventures... Instead of mom picking out traction mats or camera gear, how about the vital life saving service like Global Rescue?

* this episode is not paid or sponsored. This episode is an educational episode to help our listeners in selecting services based on education and simply being smart. Keep a grip on reality and adventure with less worry for you and your loved ones.

Overlanding Podcast Notes

Global Rescue - globalrescue.com

Call them directly at 1-800-381-9754

Facebook - facebook.com/myglobalrescue

Instagram - instagram.com/global_rescue

Twitter - twitter.com/GlobalRescue

Global Rescue is coverage for your health and wellbeing. Check out their plans and coverage details --> HERE

You can purchase plans from $119 for a single person with 7 Days of Global Rescue medical membership, or a  1 year plan for the same single person is $329. They also offer family plans from $199 to $579 for those same time periods.

Global Rescue has a team of critical care paramedics, physicians, nurses and military special operations veterans available to help you. Their medical advisory and evacuation services include a relationship with the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations.

NOTE: All services are available, regardless of your home country, and regardless of your travel location. Of course it's best to thoroughly understand the details of the plan you purchase, so call Global Rescue, or start with an online chat to clarify a plan that's going to be best for your specific situation.


It might be that you want some peace of mind, knowing a professional agency has your back. Or, like a lot of us, "nothing bad will happen to me" kind of overlanders, it could be you have loved ones that are convinced bad thing are going to happen on your wild adventures. So do it for you, or do it for them; the reality is things do go wrong. In all the research we've done, and after talking with Dan, Global Rescue offers extremely valuable services for overlanders. Go over to their website or send mom a note on how she can help you out... If Global Rescue is the provider for National Geographic and the U.S. Ski Team, you know you've got the right people behind you.

Watch the YouTube version https://youtu.be/WWT5Af_QiQ8

Overlanding Knowledge w/ Global Rescue

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