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We are so Grateful and Humbled to have kicked off the GHT Overland Podcast with such amazing guests, with such amazing experience and stories to tell!  You have each inspired so many people around the globe, providing them priceless experience, knowledge and stories from your overlanding travels. 

In our 21st episode we re-cap all the amazing knowledge and stories from all our guests. We can not begin to express how truly humbled we are to have shared your stories and passed on the wealth of knowledge each of you shared. All in a simple overland travel podcast, amazing! We started with zero fans and followers January 2018 to now over 5,100 fans, over 13,000 likes and 1,400 hours of podcast listening time by May 2018

This weeks episode is a fun episode we hope you enjoy! Thank you for listening and thank you for all the amazing feedback. We are doubling down with great Tenacity to bring you more awesome episodes with more amazing stories from overlanders exploring the globe.

GHT Overland Podcast #21

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