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Episode #1 - Overlanding Adventure Podcast


Learn About Us

In this first episode we introduce ourselves. Giving our listeners an idea of who we are, what GHT Overland is all about and where we're going with the podcast.

We are Chris & Lisa, just an average couple wanting to live life to the fullest with less stress and less B.S. We enjoy exploring the vast beauty that surrounds us, beyond the four walls of corporate life. Meeting new people and exploring new adventures, from the mountains to exotic beaches.

We begin in the Pacific Northwest where we live, and will eventually escape the ball and chain of business ownership to go wild with overland adventure travel. First heading North to conquer everything North of us. The Arctic circle is a dream destination of Chris's and the Southern Beaches of Africa is Lisa's, so we have a lot of ground to cover...

Overall we invite you to follow along as we discover our own new path in life and follow our dreams of travel. First learning from other experienced overlanders, then saddling up and hitting the trail. Are you ready to go overlanding with us? Subscribe to the GHT Overland Travel Podcast today.

Chis & Lisa

GHT Overland Podcast Format

GHT OVERLAND is a podcast covering all aspects of overland travel. Primarily focused on interviews with experienced overlanders around the globe. Helping you and us learn from the most experienced overlanders. We cover primary topics in each episode, to learn the nuts and bolts of successful overlanding. 

Bonus Episodes

Bonus episodes will be released covering specific product categories and necessary skills, tools and equipment for overland travel. Although in the distant future we may elect to partner with some companies, we will always disclose any partnerships in the show notes.

What you can expect in these bonus episodes are high value learning. Learning from experts in their field of expertise. These episodes will often be with hand picked companies who we feel are the best in the industry to simply provide the highest level of education for our listeners, you :)  

GHT Overland Intro - Episode #1

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