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Overland Mapping with Gaia GPS


Ashli w/ Gaia GPS shares the newest updates for Overlanders

Check out all the specific details we learned from Gaia GPS in the notes below, and be sure to listen to the podcast episode! 

A big thank you to Ashli with Gaia GPS for providing our listeners with the included link for a very generous discount on their paid membership subscriptions. 

There are a lot of awesome features with the free version of the app, however to gain access to the 250 map layers (including private and public land layers) along with the functionality of downloading, layering and printing maps, you will need the paid version. A few things to keep in mind regarding Gaia's Free vs their two paid Membership Options.

  • Free version allows access to the Gaia Topo map (very good map!) but does not have the ability to download maps for offline use.
  • The basic membership will open access to about 50 different map layers and adds the functionality of downloading and printing maps for $19.99/year.
  • Premium membership adds National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps, US hunting maps and Expanded European maps with France IGN and Swiss Topo for $39.99/year.

For a detailed list of maps and features for each membership level, visit their FAQ Page.

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Overland Mapping w/ Gaia GPS - show notes

Overland Travel with Gaia GPS: www.gaiagps.com

The ability to quickly plan a route, print maps (direct to your printer or as a PDF) and hit the road is super simple. Once your selected maps are downloaded, everything is functional offline with no cell service. If you need more maps, stop at a coffee shop or hostel with WiFi and download more maps.

Planning a route in Gaia GPS will provide you with both distance of the route, elevation changes throughout the route, as well as the option to switch over to Google Maps for driving instruction. Once you create and save a route, Gaia calculates the route and provides a direct option for downloading all the maps along your route. Depending on your preference (as if all the above was not enough) you can now choose what map layers to download, AND Low, Medium or High resolution.

Go-to Maps for Overlanding (varies depending on country you’re in)

1. Gaia Topo

2. USGS Topo

3. Satellite Map

4. Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Map Legends Keys:  Map-Legends

List of available map layers: What-maps-are-included-in-Gaia-GPS

Bluetooth GPS module mentioned: Bad Elf

Garmin inReach

Favorite Morning Drink: Coffee

Favorite Evening Drink: Whisky

Two Top Destinations: 

White Mountains in New Hampshire - Franconia Ridge Loop

Zion National Park: Angels Landing

Ashli w/ Gaia GPS Mapping for Overlanding

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