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Overlanding The Americas Solo

GHT Overland Podcast & Dominik Reinhard

Dominik Reinhard - Motorcycle Adventurist

Dominik is a solo motorcycle adventure rider from Germany who quit his corporate job in Switzerland, sold all his belongings and started the adventure of a lifetime. Over a period of two and half years Dominik traveled from Vietnam, Laos;  jumped to New Zealand for three months, before he flew to Brazil to purchase a BMW 700 GS named “Fury”. Thirty countries and 65,000 km later, Dominik completed his overlanding adventure of the Americas from Brazil, down through South America, turned North and ended in Alaska.

Highly curious about life, Dominik loves exploring new countries, people and cultures. He found a love for the independence and close contact with mother natures nature forces. In Dominiks words “These are the moment when I truly feel alive”.

What Dominik initially thought would be a three month backpacking trip in 2016, resulted in a 2 1/2 year overlanding journey around the world.

GHT Overland Podcast - Show Notes

Website: zenmotero.com

Facebook: facebook.com/zenmotero

Instagram: instagram.com/zenmotero

Vehicle:  BMW 700 GS Motor Bike

Fuel Capacity: 16 liters / 4.23 gallons. Carrying 1 to 2 extra gallons on occasion 

Range: 320 km / 199 miles

Water Capacity: 2 to 3 liters & LifeStraw

Clothes Washing: Hostels

Favorite Locations: Valle De La Luna, Chile - McCarthy Alaska at the Toe of Root Glacier

Overlanding Podcast w/ Dominik Reinhard

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