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Carla Geyser - Overlanding w/ Blue Sky Society Trust

Carla of Blue Sky Society Trust on the GHT Overland Podcast

Overlanding Expeditions with a Purpose

Carla launched an all women's expedition series in 2016 focused on human wildlife coexistence; women empowerment in rural communities; conservation education for youth, along with raising money for specific charities. 

Carla brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that she shares. You will be inspired by her energy and obvious passion for Mamma Afrika. We learned so much from Carla, from the difficulties of raising an orphaned elephant (they can literally die of a broken heart) to elephants and bees, and the importance of leading with a sense of humor. 

Both Part 1 and Part 2 are packed with information and inspiring stories. In Part 1 is mostly focused on the overlanding aspect, and the all women expeditions that Carla leads. While Part 2 goes more in depth on the conservation side. Regardless of your intent to overland in Africa, the stories and information Carla shares is an absolute must. Be sure to share both episodes with anyone whom they might inspire, or to join Carla in any of her expeditions, conservation or fundraising.

Overlanding Podcast Notes

Website: www.blueskysociety.org

Instagram: www.instagram.com/blueskysociety

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlueSkySociety

Twitter: twitter.com/BlueSkySociety

YouTube: youtube.com/user/Blueskysociety1

Vehicle: “Dora” a 1997 Land Rover Defender tdi

Kitchen Setup: 

  • Front Runner drawer system for organization
  • Potjie (cast iron pot)
  • Gas stove
  • Table

Refrigerator: 45 Liter National Luna

Hygiene: Sunlight Soap, Washing Line, hand sanitizer and wet wipes

Conservation Notes

Daily Loss of Wildlife due to poaching (South Africa)

  • 2 - 3 Rhinos
  • 98 Elephants
  • Pangolins - unknown (a lot!)
  • Wildlife trafficking is a Billion Dollar industry

Blue Sky Society Trust has handed out over 50,000 wildlife education booklets during their overlanding trips.

Dr. Lucy King - bees and elephent control

African Parks - eco clubs and poaching control

Ecoexist - Dr. Anna Songhurst

REST - Maria Diekmann working on conservation efforts with Pangolins (the most trafficked animal in Africa)

Roxy Danckwerts - the first Elephant Nursery in Zimbabwe

Daphne Sheldrick of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Overlanding w/ Carla of Blue Sky Society

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