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Brenton Corns - Expert Knowledge & Tips

When you have the opportunity to connect with someone like Brenton; clear your schedule, grab a notepad and listen.

We were first introduced to Brenton by Mike and Ellen Hollis of Team Hunt. Their praise for the amount of planning and education they gained from Brenton, left a lasting impression. Fortunate to have Brenton agree to take nearly two hours of his time to share his passion and depth of off-road knowledge was humbling. It is wise to do your homework, and to practice the art of safe off road travel. If you’re new to overlanding and off-road travel, this is a jewel of an episode to bookmark. Take notes, and save this two part episode for future reference.

Brenton has a decade of off road driving, recovery, and spotting experience (learned from some of the best instructors out there), He’s here to help prepare you for your next adventure. Safety is at the top of his priority list, for yourself, the friends in your group, and everyone else out on the trail. 

GHT Overland Podcast - Show Notes

Vehicle: 2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 

Cooking: Tembo Tusk Skottle

Overlanding Adventure with 4XFar Adventures

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