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GHT Overland is founded on the principles of doing good in the world, and spreading a message of showing Gratitude, being Humble, and having the Tenacity to tackle  life's  adventures.

The GHT Overland Podcast is all about overlanding adventure! We interview overland travelers from around the globe, asking all the pertinent questions on overlanding. From Safety and Security, favorite Gear, what they sent back home, and favorite places visited. So if you love listening to adventure, learning from experienced overland travelers about boarder crossings, planning, mapping, communication, hygiene, currency changes, and more; subscribe to the podcast and enjoy.

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Whether your planning a overland expedition, or an epic overland adventure through the Pan-American highway. Join us for adventures from Alaska to the lower reaches of South America. As well as Australia, Africa, Portugal and more. Learning from the experiences and stories of overlanders with vast levels of experience. Listen in as they share their thoughts, stories, and experience with you. Making your next adventure more fun, more relaxed and better prepared.

We invite experienced Overland Travelers around the globe to add their voice to the GHT OVERLAND PODCAST.



NEW! Overlanding Gear Guide

We are very excited to finally have the GHT Overlanding Gear Guide finished! 

A combination of all the gear you've heard mentioned as some of the most valuable items from overlanders with a lot of overlanding miles under their seats. Nothing within this list is sponsored, just pure 100% honest recommendations from our past guest, along with 30+ years of experience from your hosts Chris & Lisa. 

It's worth noting that most links take you to Amazon, via our affiliate links. This help in supporting the podcast and paying for hosting fees. 

Overlanding & Adventure Travel


Doing Good with 1%

Passing on a message of good, helping others and supporting those who are also doing good is the overriding goal of GHT Overland.  It's so simple, from hygiene products like toothbrushes and toothpaste, to school supplies like pencils and paper. Some overlanders are cleaning up beaches, caring for street dogs, or teaching children photography.   Some are able to pay for vaccinations for an entire school with $200 US as others are paying local artists for painting.  All these examples are stories we've heard from our guests on the GHT Overland Podcast.

Photo by: Hein van de Laarschot


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