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Teaching others through the stories of experience! Tune in to learn from the most experienced overland adventure travelers. Making your next adventure more fun, more relaxed and better prepared. 

GHT OVERLAND is founded on the principles of doing good in the world. Spreading a message of showing Gratitude, being Humble, and having Tenacity in tackling  life's  adventures. You will hear many good stories of adventure, along with stories of others doing good in the world during their overland travels on the Podcast.

We invite experienced Overland Travelers around the globe to add their voice to the GHT OVERLAND podcast. Please See our contact information below.
Thank You!

GHT OVERLAND Our Adventures, exploration and travel

Our Adventures

Follow along as we document our travels, exploring every National Park in North America, followed by South America. Stopping at places of remote solitude and beauty to simply explore, think and create. Culminating into what we hope you will find an inspiring and educational video series.

Gear & Technology

We know, we've been there!

Here you will find brutally honest thoughts on the gear we use. If you find it here, and with positive feedback, it's good. 

Too much time can be spent researching gear. Too much money is spent and wasted with cheep stuff, or overpriced stuff... That madness needs to stop!


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Podcast Interview Application

We'd love to feature you on the GHT OVERLAND Global Podcast!
If you have at least one year of experience in overland travel, preferably in several countries, we would be honored to feature your experience, knowledge and adventures. Kindly send us your contact info today.